Finally posting the photos from the valentines mini’s. Love how they turned out! I never used to celebrate valentines day with much enthusiasm, but since having kids it gives new meaning because every holiday is so fun to celebrate! The kids are literally counting down the days until Valentines day! So I try to make it special with valentines days themed food, decorations, treats and little gifts. And of course now I love doing valentines day themed photo shoots! They are just so sweet. Any excuse for a photo shoot is good for me! My daughter and I made the valentines wreath, using the idea here. They were time consuming, but so worth it!  Since we couldn’t find a styrofoam wreath form, we used an old cardboard box and traced it into a heart shape and used hot glue instead of pins. Turned out great and looks fabulous on my mantle by the way 🙂

Alyssa is ONE! | Calgary Children's Photographer
Fall family sessions